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Rolf Sjölander

Free Account, Stockholm

Sir Romeo

This is the king of my house. He thinks he rules the western civilization. But he is also a nice guy.

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  • Heidi Andersson Waller 26/06/2006 11:59

    Åhh! Gud va gullig katt :-) Du har verkligen lyckats med denna bild, Rolf. Jätte bra! Lycka till med alla andra fotografier, jätte fina :-)

    Heidi A. Waller
  • Christine Bischof 16/06/2006 22:50

    Welcome in F.C. Your Sir Romeo is great. A wonderful picture. Nice regards from Austria .Christine

  • Mario Golenko 13/06/2006 14:43

    Realy good balanced picture.
    Cat looks realy impresive.
  • Sonia Chan 11/06/2006 7:45

    nice cat nice capture, he looks like a gentleman in a ball , n how heavy he is ?
  • Sarndra 11/06/2006 0:59

    LOL! Yes he is very much like my cat Zibby :-) He likes to rule the world to :-)

    This is just a GORGEOUS capture...i love how it's so balanced in the frame.