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Sandra Keever

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Silly Imani

This is Imani . . . another bengal girl of mine. I laugh everytime I look at this photo :)

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  • Sandra Keever 26/10/2008 6:30

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments on this photo. It is one of my favorites for sure. Sadly Imani is no longer with us which makes the photo even more special to us.
  • Monteen McCord 05/09/2007 2:41

    I'm not so think as you drunk I am....m.
  • Sarndra 11/04/2005 13:28

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!! I died laughing when i saw this :-) Cats are hilarious aren't they... when they aren't being snooty :-) Awesome pic!
  • Marjorie Ari 25/09/2004 6:10

    Hello I am Colombian and i don't write much English. I wanted to congraulate you on the pictures of your beautiful kittens and cats. I too love cats, sadly though, my cat was recently murdered by a driver who intentionally ran over my cat with his car. This was a terrible loss for me and my family. We live in Colombia were people can easily get away with that sort thing. I have cried a lot due to my tragedy, but seeing your cats really makes me happy and brings a smile to my face.it is very nice to be able to share photos and experiences with other cat lovers. I hope to post many photos of Minio my beloved cat very soon.

  • Ingo Bosse 01/09/2004 0:12

    theres a remote control and a beer missing next to the cat. :) nice photo.
  • Annette Esser 31/08/2004 9:03

    She looks like a little ocelot at siesta time ... a really funny picture. I love her big eyes and her selfconfident expression ...
    Regards: Annette + 10
  • Jutta Bauernschmitt 30/08/2004 23:57

    lg Jutta
  • Juliane Meyer 29/08/2004 21:34

    :-D Funny)))
  • James Arthur 28/08/2004 22:22

    my cats (three never sit still long enough to tack this sort of picture,as soon as they see the camera they come towards me :-(
  • Ronny Hendrichs 28/08/2004 11:25

    Very funny.
    A really relaxed cat. I laught too.

    Greetings, Ronny
  • Jo Ma 28/08/2004 11:23

    *lol* that's very funny indeed. great picture!!


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