SEXUAL ORGANS, With a Very Sad Story, Within!!!

SEXUAL ORGANS, With a Very Sad Story, Within!!!

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John Moore

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SEXUAL ORGANS, With a Very Sad Story, Within!!!

Aloha, Thomas McAlexander!!!

I took these photo's on the Lamai Beach on the Island of Koh Samui.
It comes with the sad tale below.
The Grandmother and Grandfather rocks.
These rocks are located about a kilometre south of Lamai on the beach and
tell of a very sad tale of an old couple, who lived on the Island.
Folklore has it, that the old couple by the name of Ta (Grandfather)Kern
and his wife Yak (Grandmother) Rime, who lived with their son in the
Southern Province of Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Their son had come of age and they felt it was time he got married.
Early one morning they set sail in their rather small boat for the
neighbouring Province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.
They were to meet with Ta (Grandfather) Monglai and ask for his
beautiful daughters hand in marriage to their Son.
During their sea voyage, their small boat was suddenly swallowed up by
the turbulent stormy ocean, unfortunately neither could swim at all and
never made it to the shores.
It is said that the ocean turned into rock and so too did the old folks.
Their sexual organs turned to rocks as proof to the would brides
parents of their true intentions.
The rocks are still there to this day.
Believe it or Not!!
Have a wonderful day my friends and be happy!!

Outback John, Udon-Thani Thailand.

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