Rooftop Train Journey

Rooftop Train Journey

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Wahid Adnan

Free Account, Dhaka

Rooftop Train Journey

I have been working on how people travel in railway risking their life since my university life. The main transport between Chittagong University (where I studies) and Chittagong is shuttle train. We used to travel on roof as the compartments were crowdy always. I left varsity almost two years ago but still I miss our train journey and I travel in this shuttle train, obviously I go up to the roof. Last time, I was shooting traveling people on roof who live in villages nearby varsity. I was waiting to shoot the perfect moment but the boys from the compartment in front of mine, were shouting and warning me that the overhead tree branches were coming.....(I know it very well; I traveled on this route for 6 years)....I tried to keep myself steady but someone from behind me forced me down on roof-bed to avoid the running tree branches and my finger fired the camera....and this shot came.

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