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Sonja Grünbauer

Premium (World), Somerset West, Kapstadt

rocky beach

Kogelbay von der Clarence Drive Strasse. am camping Platz. Schwimmen ist eher nicht angesagt da die Strömung irre stark ist aber fuer Surfer ideal ist
Stative dies mal mit genommen und auch benutzt....

Kogelbay / Clarence Drive+ beach taken from the caravan Park on the rocky side. Not a good place for swimming as the current is here extremely dangerous but surfers have great fun here with some good waves to ride on

"The origin of the name Kogel Bay is contentious. It has been suggested that the Afrikaans form "koeel" (bullet) is a corruption of "Cole" from the ship, the Colebrooke, which wrecked in the bay in 1778. However the name occurs on some maps which predate the wreck. Therefore the name may refer to the rounded stones in many of the small bays, which resemble cannon balls. The noise the stones make as they roll around from the waves resembles the sound of loose cannon balls rolling upon the pitching deck of a ship."

34grad13'40.98"S und 18 grad 50'31.52"E

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Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens EF17-40mm f/4L USM
Aperture 22
Exposure time 1/4
Focus length 23.0 mm
ISO 100

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