River Reverence

River Reverence

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Susi Lawson Susi

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River Reverence

Taken at the New River in Wythe Va,USA

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  • Susi Lawson Susi 01/09/2006 1:29

    Thank you!
  • Isabel2 Cruz 31/08/2006 22:35

    Beautiful composition, nice landscape, good colours and harmony:)
  • Marcie Hixson 23/08/2006 21:38

    Your photos seem like artwork more than photos...I love them. They are the kind of art I like. I love the way the fisherman draws my eye first, then I travel from him to the walkway to the water. Then, the eye wanders to the reflections --> and their softness leads the viewer to the meadow behind the stream. What great depth. The distance is soft, yet, clear as if we were really there. Then, the eye drops to the foreground - soft, shadowed, & bright: again bringing great depth. I admire your vision in this photo.

    love your work
    the redhead
  • Susi Lawson Susi 05/08/2006 17:12

    thank you!
  • Tatiana Kirillova 05/08/2006 11:50

    Peaceful landscape. Very nice calm colors and blur.
  • Jacky Kobelt 05/08/2006 8:53

    a beautiful landscape, nice atmosphere.