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Rob van Kempen

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My daughter broke her arm badly, falling off a horse. She was rushed to hospital, where, luck has it, her mother works as a pediatric nurse. She sits on het mother's lap surrounded by a flurry of able hands. The pic was OK as it was, but I decided to transform it into the memory she (my daughter) has of this day... meaning: she is the shiny colorful princess in agony and obedient serfs do whatever obedient serfs must do to make princesses happy again...
Some people think this pic is about chaos and panic.. I will have none of that.. this pic is about very very dedicated and able people who make every second count

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  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 26/11/2005 14:08

    i agree Rob, alot of people dont think how hard it is for nurses, and how dedicated they are.
    this is a great capture of that, from a broken arm to a gunshot wound they are amazing and help anybody that needs them.

    great photo and a cutie also, i hope her arm is all better now
    jaime :)


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