Reflecting on old cars

Reflecting on old cars

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Ken Piros

Community Manager, Ohio

Reflecting on old cars

There was a time when you could tell what kind of car it was from its unique style, now they all look the same.

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  • Howard Mattix 10/03/2012 7:37

    A true treasure within this image. It takes me back to my childhood days.
  • Lig Urion 05/01/2012 0:21

    i like it!
  • Sanja Kosanovic 02/04/2011 1:17

    Good! :)
  • Andrew J.W. 28/08/2010 17:23

    Talked about that (old cars with personality) with a friend from Arizona. I noticed that nobody writes car songs anymore. He obviously replied "would you really listen to a song about a Toyota Corolla?"...(with my post I don't mean to say Toyotas are bad or's just an example that came up. Just a matter of fact)
  • Susana Miguel 03/08/2010 12:41

    Hello Ken:

    This photo is very well placed in the folder of "Vanishing America", it comes out of some gone time and you were there to capture it...

    I love the black and white as well as the sharpness of the car; great also the reflection on its door...

    Congratulations for this shot!

  • Hans-Günther Schöner 12/07/2010 8:45

    Alt .- und Neuzeit gleichzeitig dokumentiert !

    Echt beeindruckend !

  • mike snead 02/07/2010 12:51

    the untouchables starring elliot ness.

    great charm.

  • Michael Grotkamp 26/06/2010 10:23

    Great car in a great adäquat ambiente. Like this
    very much and, like you, the old individual "faces,
    expressions, designs and exotic colour combinations"
    also. Remember a "Kayser Frazer Manhattan" (US
    production out of the sixtys) who owned a friends
    father. A "ship" of steel and chrome, but a wonderful
    significant character with the famous touch of
    "american way of life". o.K. A barrel today at moment
    is near at 80 US Dollars, before two years near
    180 US Dollars: the design works a hard job in this
    times. And this is one point of lost individuality only!

    Great documentation, excellent builded image.

    bw, Michael

  • Anca Silvia B. 22/06/2010 7:25