Random CD Cover (2)

Random CD Cover (2)

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Premium (World), München

Random CD Cover (2)

.com project

Another CD cover with random Band name via a random page on Wikipedia and part of a random quotation as a CD title.

@Andy, thanks for sharing this idea - I learnt quite a few features of PS during the post-processing;-)

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  • Monika Czelna 21/01/2008 23:09

    Well,i like it...
  • KasiaDesign 21/01/2008 21:06

    @Geoff, thanks. I had fun trying out different filters, etc.;-)
    @Tom, for the Band name I had two tries as the first was the name of a copyrighted product I didn't want to risk using. The following quote is what really came up. I chose a folder at random on my hard drive. But did search a wee bit in the folder for a suitable shot. Mostly flowers on that outing but this chapel seemed more suitable.
    @Armin, I don't believe it. I'd never heard of Within Temptation till yesterday: See my comment on this Cover :-)) That really is a coincidence!
    If the Cover Designers are looking for an apprentice I'm willing to have a go!
  • Armin Ates 21/01/2008 11:17

    simple, yet effective!

    i like it!
    (music may sound like "within temptation", if you know them...)

    regards, armin
    p.s.: if i see all these covers, i think that nowaday-professional-cds are all produced EXACTLY THIS WAY, only they don´t call it random... :)))))))
  • Tom MacDonald 20/01/2008 21:08

    Isn't it funny how the artists and titles all seem to match up so well!!

    Great cover.
  • Geoff Ashton 20/01/2008 20:21

    hey that fits nicly
    nice and gloomy :-)
    bw geoff


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