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Heavy rain in Belgium East-Flanders, my son was looking fascinatedly out of of the touched me...

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  • Susana Miguel 13/05/2008 17:04

    Dear Pascal:

    Your son has a beautiful portrait in this picture you took of him.

    It is not only well done technically, but it clearly shows your love for him.

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 09/01/2006 11:23

    wow what a beautiful shot, and at that age they are so enquisitive, my son is 2 so i have my fair share of wonder.
    cant wait to see your photos frow in here.


  • Pascal Bruyland 14/12/2005 16:35

    A big thanks for all your comments, highly appreciated !!
  • Marina . 12/12/2005 16:19

  • Peta Lisle 12/12/2005 12:54

    What a stunning first work. I think we are in for a treat with you!! ;)
  • Dirk Hofmann 11/12/2005 11:11

    nice start ... maybe the sharpness concentrates more to the back positioned eye than to the one in the foreground ...
  • Sachin Pangaonkar 10/12/2005 1:17

    Splendid capture .. what a moment .. ! Amazing
    Cheers Sachin
  • Senem G 09/12/2005 11:32

    and ...
    your son is soo cute =)
  • Senem G 09/12/2005 11:31

    yes..its very nice, touching photo..
    i like it...
  • Vladimir Danilov 09/12/2005 11:02

    increadably impressive. Just precisely focused, smartly turned into w/b.
    I would only add a little bit light reflection into child´s eyes in Photoshop, IMHO, the eyes look too dark.

    Anyway, I´m already curious about your next works.

    Good luck!
  • Katjuschka W. 09/12/2005 0:59

    I can understand you. This ist a very good pic showing your son trying to touch the rain-drops. How clear they are! I almost can hear them... dok dok dok... I love your picture.
    Kind regards from Katjuschka



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