Quiet Waters Summer Impression

Quiet Waters Summer Impression

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Quiet Waters Summer Impression

A tranquil summer moment in Quiet Waters Park, along the South River in Annapolis, Maryland.

The impression was created from a Fujicolor Superia Reala-100 film image.

©2020 Steve Ember

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  • Lady Lumix 02/09/2020 17:23

    Ein sehr, sehr schönes Bild ist das.

    LG. von LL.
  • 13to18 01/09/2020 13:17

    ...hi steve,...lot of greetings from germany, close to munich...thanx for showing that beauty moment from this place, dnt know, if you live there, my brother is dwelling in the state of philadelphia above, also my sister as well...at the moment, we got here raining cats and dogs for days, so we´re longing for sun...you got a wonderful gallery, you should turn into professional... ;-p...see you next time through your fotos...wish you happy pics furthermore...ciao, mark...
    • Steve Ember 01/09/2020 22:54

      Hello, Mark, and thank you for your lovely comment and for exploring my work. I'm happy you liked this summer impression. I live actually about 50 miles from Quiet Waters Park, in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. I've greatly enjoyed shooting there, both in summer and autumn. That leaves two seasons to catch up with ;-) 
      We've been having a largely unpleasant summer - mostly hot, very humid with LOTS of rain, too. Only a few really nice days to get out with the cameras, so, between weather and the Covid situation, I've been catching up with a lot of images shot over the last few years. It's been therapeutic in reminding me of calmer times - and pleasant experiences out with the cameras.
      I have fond memories of shooting in and around Munich - too many years ago! Love those Bavarian Alps, and was fortunate in having beautiful clear autumn weather for most of my shooting.
      Hope your weather improves soon. And thanks again.