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  • viola d 30/01/2012 5:14

    Unlike Mark, I prefer this version.
    Sort of real vs unreal:)
    Bw, Viola
  • teototi 29/01/2012 22:03

    Very cute photo,I like it!
  • Mark Billiau. 28/01/2012 12:39

    Beautiful portrait of this cute little puppy !
    To my personal taste, I think the presentation would be better without the drawing at the right.
    Mark Billiau.
  • s. sabine krause 28/01/2012 9:35

    : )))))) what an irresistibly innocent look of the patient little guy – in fact, i think you must have hypnotized him, as usually puppies can't sit still and are always all over the place. ; )) maybe this one wanted to make his point: "look out deer and doe! when i grow up, i'll be a fierce, fierce hunter! yelp…" ; ))) greetings, sabine.