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:: Punks not dead I Know! ::

:: Punks not dead I Know! ::

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:: Punks not dead I Know! ::

Wattie Buchan

Walter "Wattie" Buchan (July 24, 1956, Edinburgh) is the frontman for the hardcore punk/crossover thrash band The Exploited.
Buchan performing in 2007

After a brief stint in the British Army, Buchan returned to his home city of Edinburgh, Scotland, inspired by the punk rock movement. In his absence, his brother Willie had formed a punk band, which would eventually become The Exploited. Buchan quickly took on the duty of a vocalist. The band continues to record and tour in the 2000s. Although the band started out playing Oi! and streetpunk, the band eventually developed a more thrash metal-influenced sound.

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