psychedelic summers day

psychedelic summers day

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psychedelic summers day

a mix of pastels,black biro and white chalk on this one....dave

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  • dae08 21/11/2008 20:09

    Thank you for you're comments Pnuky,glad you like my piece,hope to have some new pieces uploaded asap!!!!
  • Pnuky 22/09/2008 10:53

    lovely work dae08 it's really nice :)
    keep up the beautiful work
  • dae08 19/09/2008 19:06

    hi Ma.aM,thank you for you're comment!
    Yes they are quite vivid colours are'nt they?!well,i am currently working on three new pastel-type pieces and hope to have them on as soon as they are complete..............ttfn
  • Ma.aM 03/09/2008 20:30

    i like the colours very much!