Proud to be An American

Proud to be An American

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Gerry R. Dagonese

Free Account, Highland, CA

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  • Etienne Go 21/01/2009 20:48

    America the beautiful!!!
    Time for change...
  • Ed Kay 13/08/2007 8:00

    Great shot .I think that politics and religion should be left at the log in screen. LETS ALL LOOK AT THE PHOTO AND NOT TRY TO FIND A HIDDEN MESSAGE IN ANY PHOTO. Oh and by the way I found the hidden dog and cat, it took a while but I found them.
  • Dianna 22/04/2007 0:37

    very, very nice! :)
  • Balazs Pataki 03/12/2006 0:51

    I find the idea hilarious that you should have any afterthoughts of "offending" someone with this. As regards the pic, I can only subscribe to Frank's comment.
  • Doug Hough 27/11/2006 1:48

    It works for me, well done :)
  • Aniko Mocher 20/07/2006 11:44

    a very good phot!Love the dark color of the background!
    Nice work!
  • When 09/06/2006 20:47

    I am too. Nice shot.
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 18/04/2006 3:38

    great capture of this great flag.
    love the sky against the reds and blues
    jaime :)
  • Frank Cecconi 28/03/2006 10:01

    I think Samuel Johnson had something to say about Patriotism... In any case, this does not detract from the really nice capture + moody feel to this pic. However, I would have loved to have seen the flag open wide. Well done!
  • Mark Johnston 27/03/2006 20:09

    We can still be proud to be Americans even if we're not proud of a current administration. Theres a lot more to a nation than its acting government. Beautiful shot Gerry, there's just something about it that moves me more than any regular image of the stars and stripes.
  • Massimo Carolla 26/03/2006 22:59

    great shot !!! it's no easy capture a good pictures of a flag, this is one of the better i have seen, regards massimo
  • Gerry R. Dagonese 26/03/2006 20:31

    Thank you John. I truly am proud of being an American . . . I just did not post this or intend it on this site as a political statement.

  • John Ivan 26/03/2006 20:17

    I am proud too and you should be as well of your picture and being American.
  • °°° celle °°° 26/03/2006 17:17

    good u