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Sally Dunn

Free Account, Plymouth, Devon

Poorly boy.

Boston is looking cross because he has laryngitis at the moment. He has no meiow and a sore throat :(( He is even more cross because he has been forced to stay inside and take antibiotics and painkillers. No partying for him at the moment!!

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  • Steve Ashforth 13/04/2011 11:12

    I've just posted a similar picture of Cracker! Brilliant!!
  • Irbenika 06/03/2011 23:19

    ...lovely pink tongue has this beautiful
    pussy Boston ;-))
    I wish him great health!
    Our cats are our favorite pets)))

    Greetings from me and Vlekje

    Observation cat
    Observation cat
  • Mannus Mann Köln DE EU 28/02/2011 21:49

    Oh, der arme kleine König.
    Er soll sich bald besser fühlen.
    Oh, the poor little king.
    He should feel better soon.
  • Majid mehraban 27/02/2011 20:25

    poor Boston, i 'll be there dude ;)
  • Werner R. Albert 27/02/2011 14:52

    Get well soon, Boston !
    (there are still a lot of parties, later)
    many hugs
  • Angelika El. 27/02/2011 10:51

    Oh, the little poor cat!!! I hope he will recovering soon ...


  • Deryck 27/02/2011 10:33

    Shame... poor Boston. He understands none of it. Cute that little tongue sticking out
  • s. sabine krause 27/02/2011 10:08

    oh dear! it's really laryngitis? poor boy!! i hope the antibiotics will soon succeed in bringing back his meiow for him! he does look a little miffed, sticking out his tongue at you! on the other hand: how thoughtful of him,too! he gave you the opportunity for a priceless capture! get well, soon, boston and be a good sport! you'll be let out in no time again! hugs, sabine. p.s.: the rolling stones might be interested in this shot ; )))))…
  • Adele Oliver 26/02/2011 22:21

    One forgets that cats can be sick too - poor Boston!!! I imagine he is sticking out his tongue and saying ha, ha, I get to stay inside in this foul weather and am being pampered. Well - I would like to imagine this, but you are for sure right with your observation, Sally!!!
    Wish you and the whole family a good Sunday,
  • Klaus Boizo 26/02/2011 21:13

    poor cat!
    our tom is on his tour to make sure that the we will have little cats in may.

    regards also to boston.


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