"Pines Express"

"Pines Express"

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Peter Leigh

Free Account, Leicestershire

"Pines Express"

I had spent most of the summer holiday here watching the trains. Summer would soon be over, and not only would I return to school, but it would be the end of scenes like this for ever. So on 6th September 1962 I took my first railway photograph, 50 years ago.
This is a posterised crop of the original taken with an Ensign box camera from 1928 on 120 b&w 125 Kodak film.
The last "Pines Express" travelling through Bath was two days later, and the line closed 6 March 1966

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  • Thomas Reitzel 05/02/2013 17:31

    Your first photograph? Compliments!

    Yes, those were the days when holidays seemed to last forever, like steam, and then, in a rush, all was over.

    In ´62 I was 12 and a school boy, spending every spare minute on a bridge crossing the yard tracks of Kassel, watching steam coming in and out, entering or leving the mpd, almost every class you can think of, included famous DB-class 10 oder 03.10 of Hagen depot or the old Prussian T13, DB-class 92, doing the shunting - and no diesel or electric in sight...

    Still owning no camera of my own, my father, who already had tought me a lot about photography, would not let the camera to me, so I just had to watch in those days. But - what you have in mind you´ll never forget and no one can steal it! And those memories are still very well alive, as you may know as well!

    Best regards,


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