Pier to the OCean

Pier to the OCean

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Marcie Hixson

Free Account, Kearney

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  • Photography Art - Wohalo 23/08/2008 22:12

    hallo marcie
    great picture, super +++
  • Karl R. H. 23/08/2008 21:30

    verry dramatically !!!
    excellent composition

  • Marcie Hixson 23/08/2008 21:09

    Cropped and curves adjusted

    then resized and sharpened
    I used a tripod, cable release, and shot in shutter priority to get this look. The sky was dark and it was blowing like crazy. Ready to rain and any moment. That is why i chose to go under the pier..

  • jcd45 23/08/2008 21:01

    Nice picture, I like it.
    Did you modify on PC?