Photographer in karen's eyes

Photographer in karen's eyes

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Mario Aguila

Free Account, Puerto Montt

Photographer in karen's eyes

Taken picture with natural light to the photographer's backs
D100 - 1/80s - F 4,9 - 117mm real focal lenght - center weighted metering - WB SHADOWS

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  • Thomas Nagel 16/09/2004 7:19

    @ Mario

    If You like send me the original via e-mail.
    I´ll try to do my best than.
    When returning the result to You,
    I try to explain how i did the work.


    Best wishes
  • Mario Aguila 15/09/2004 18:05

    1º When enlarging the picture, it loses some quality; 2º I cannot modify it here; I should send it again
    Thomas: Could you leave your test here?
    1º Al ampliarse, aparece mucho grano y pierde calidad; 2º Debería mandarla de nuevo, porque aquí no la puedo modificar.
    Tomás: puedes dejar la foto-test aquí?
  • Thomas Nagel 15/09/2004 12:43

    Hi Mario
    nice picture, that you took.
    unfortunately is the pictur very small in its upload-version.
    Coudln´t you try to minimize the size of pictue
    like this to make it bigger in FC?
    Size max 1000 x 1000
    res. 72 dpi
    File size max 129.9 kb

    Maybe You will be seen better in her eyes!!!


    (see picture below, i did a little work as an example.
    When You´ve seen it,I´ll remove it from mypics, because it is YOURS!)
    Great work!


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