Perseus in the Daytime

Perseus in the Daytime

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Robert Riley

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Perseus in the Daytime

Just wish I was on the Yacht, not just taking pics!

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  • Patrick Höfler 19/09/2006 19:47

    hello robert, i have taken you at my buddy did have very great pictures and this one i like most of all...
    sorry, but i'am not so good in english
    greetings patrick
  • John Moore 17/09/2006 1:43

    A grand and handsome vessel.
    I agree with you mate, a hull filled with wine and a partner before heading into the seven oceans forever.
    One for you, think about it?

  • Robert L. Roux 28/08/2006 7:41

    a most elegant way to travel -
    as much as i dislike water-trips, i'd be more than happy to float across the pond on this thing ...
    summer's-end-in-sight greetings - robert