Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

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Arjun Kurpad

Free Account, Nagoya

Peace on Earth

My dog... Casper. Hellraiser when awake, angel when asleep.
Loveable mutt.

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  • JACINTO MANTUEL 16/07/2005 13:47

    Nice funny shot, the title is well chosen as well.
    Regards Jacek
  • Monika Novak 09/07/2005 18:43

    it makes me sleepy :P
  • Stu Good 28/06/2005 15:04

    Whilst I agree with Marcus for a simple portrait focussing on the eyes is best, you can achieve some very good effects by focussing on the nose.
    See Claudia's photo below.
    (Hope you don't mind Claudia)

    p.s. Handsome Dog :-)
  • Darwin M. Tañedo 26/06/2005 4:59

    I love it as it is, though. I find it so calm and peaceful. Great shot, dude!
  • Arjun Kurpad 26/06/2005 4:53

    Yes.... in hindsight, I agree. Would have been better to have more depth.
  • MagInation 25/06/2005 15:31

    nice dog that you have. I would have put the focus on eye of the dog, not on the nose.