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Peace offering to President Bush

Peace offering to President Bush

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Kombizz Kashani

Free Account, Berkeley

Peace offering to President Bush

"Peace Offering to the President George W. Bush"

These people are part of a bigger group of Iranian people who love and promote "P E A C E" to whoever whose heart are filled with hate!

In that occasion when I was trying to find a complete rainbow in full in order to take a photo, (you could see it in the background), I met them.

They asked me to send their image with a message of "LOVE" to the President of America, Mr George W. Bush. I tried to tell them I was not able to. They insisted so much that I did NOT want to break their hearts.

So I am uploading their images with their 'PEACE OFFERING' here, perhaps somebody closer to president George W. Bush give their message to him !

They are representive of three (3) generations of Iranian population.
The man with dark glasses educated in the West and now prefered to stay in Iran to earn more money.
The lady with 'Chaddur', an Islamic traditional covering is a grandmother with 9 grandchildren.
The third man on the right is a farmer and a jack of all trades.


1- Cultivate a home life where children develop a sense of well-being and wholeness.
2- Join a parent support group.
3- Provide a good example.
4- Help children experience forgiveness.
5- Don't buy war toys.
6- Avoid entertainment glorifying violence.
7- Curb backyard fighting.
8- Deemphasize possessions.
9- Tone down war expectancy.
10- Talk about war and peace.
11- Stress cooperative play.
12- Tell stories about love & peace.
13- Cultivate imagination.
14- Encourage autonomy.
15- Emphasize what it is that creates violence.
16- Have an abundance of peace materials in the home.
17- Cultivate friendships with other peacemakers.
18- Provide international experiences.
19- Support projects that express concern.
20- Send peace cards and letters.

Quoted from Lorne Peachey's Twenty Suggestions For Teaching Peace.

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