Park de la Gentiane

Park de la Gentiane

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Mariana Stumpf

Free Account, Innsbruck

Park de la Gentiane

Close to the Lagune, I saw this beautiful blue house between all the red, yellow and green tones.

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  • Jaydee in Tirol 05/07/2011 18:39

    Wunderschön! Das gefällt mir sehr.
  • La33 26/01/2009 14:00

    tolles Bild mit schönen Farben gefällt mir sehr gut!!
  • OIWEIDRAWIG 26/01/2009 10:16

    schöne Farben ,...


    l.g josef
  • Mariana Stumpf 26/01/2009 9:56

    The colors were amazing!!
    think it was a rainy night because when I got there, lucky me! was just cloudy (plus the Photoshop retouch :D )...

    As they call it... the "Indian Summer" was amazing!!! cold though, i don't know why they call it summer, should be polar winter hahhah
    iFrst time I see it and is really like being inside a painting... like this movie "What Dreams May Come"

    Thanks for the comments!!
  • Kitty te Laak 16/01/2009 23:43

    Hey, I saw the landscape and I know directly...this is Canada..the color is tipical. greetings, kitty
  • Ki W. 16/01/2009 23:43

    Very rich colors, impressive for a rainy day. The house is indeed lovely.
    BW, Ki