Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico...with Gondola

Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico...with Gondola

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Palazzo Fontana Rezzonico...with Gondola

The palace was erected in the 17th-century by the Fontana family. The palace was occupied in the late 1600s by the Rezzonico family where Carlo della Torre di Rezzonico, future Pope Clement XII, was born in 1693.

After the fall of the Venetian Republic, the palace was purchased by the banker Johann Conrad Reck, then sold to the Levi and then Sullam families.

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  • Cesar Matamoros II 14/11/2015 20:16

    I love the addition of the gondola. Not knowing if you were using a zoom, but the only thing I would have liked to have seen is the complete gondola in the picture. Some would say that having the open space ahead of the gondola shows motion and leads you into the picture.
  • archiek 14/11/2015 18:22

    Such a view that can only be seen in Venice. Nice details throughout and wonderful composition.
    Best regards,
  • Harold Thompson 12/11/2015 9:42

    The gondola makes a strong fg feature for the scene
    :-)) Harold
  • Mark Billiau. 12/11/2015 9:01

    Beautiful architectural shot with wonderful warm light on the edifice.
    Excellent use of the gondola in the foreground to add more depth in the shot.
    Good work !

  • Sue Thompson 12/11/2015 8:39

    Your previous upload of this gglorious building was good but with the gondola the scene is perfect.



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