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Our back door.

Our back door.

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  • Sergio Moreira 22/02/2006 23:06

    Van Gogh and Gauguin's post impressionist-like back yard in fact..! In evidence the light and colour hues...
  • Peta Lisle 01/02/2006 9:55

    Surprised i missed this one before - beautifully captured, the colours and the light on the graves is are wonderful. So many oppotunities to photograph that sacred area both in macro detail adn overall. Keep it up.
    Weeping woman
    Weeping woman
    Peta Lisle

  • Neil Auty 15/01/2006 22:49

    Everybody leaves by this back door.
    Beautiful place, must be full of opportunities for good images.
    Neil A
  • Detomaso 07/01/2006 21:57

    Wonderful picture, John!
    lg tom
  • Nyo Pu 05/01/2006 16:48

    It is giving philosophy, John. I like very much.
  • Karin D. Ludwig 18/12/2005 15:31

    Who could elude the fascination of an ancient graveyard? Terrific capture and editing my dear John!
  • JVision 17/12/2005 19:33

    Wow beautiful work John.
  • Wayne Tsipouras 17/12/2005 7:53

    A reminder of those before us.
    There hopes and dreams,
    now only faded stone.

    A beautiful image.
    Well done.

  • Daniela Friedrich 16/12/2005 21:54

    I love the old cemetarys, there is a lot of atmosphere in there. In Prag is on old juif cemetary and in Vienna is the old Central cimetary I'd liked very much. I agree with the idea black/white and hope to see more of your back door.
  • Rob Brydon 16/12/2005 11:22

    Such a pristene door in such aged company Good shot John. Good contrast. I find myself wanting to look at the frame title but find I'm getting drawn to the headstones, especially that big, burly one just left of centre. It seems special..I like it...Cheers..Rob (NZ)
  • Ron Couwenberg 16/12/2005 10:43

    Wow, I'm speechless!.
  • Visiones de vida. 16/12/2005 7:21

    John,.........I truly imagine a very quiet atmosphere to this type of surrounding!

    not bad for a backyard....

  • Robert L. Roux 16/12/2005 5:14

    A magnificent garden ...
    Season's greetings - Robert
  • Dragomir Vukovic 16/12/2005 3:57

    you are in front of the back door,
  • Danny W. Wilson 16/12/2005 0:36

    now that's a yard I'd hate to mow! :)