Orange Amsterdam

Orange Amsterdam

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Maja Weitering

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Orange Amsterdam

Everything is orange these days in Holland because of the European Soccer Championship. Do you know why our national color is orange?

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  • -P H F- 23/06/2008 16:26

    But now, the dream is over!
    The Oranje Team made 3 Matches in extraordinary quality,
    but misses versus the russians!
    At first I couldn`t believe my eyes but it was true, it was the same team but not the same what they`re doin on the football ground!?!
    Well , life goes on and now I`m looking forward to the match: Germany vs Turkey!!
    The orange colour I think is a relation to the royal family-the Oranienburgs ( or so ) ??!
    Greetings - Peter
  • Alfredo Mazzoni 23/06/2008 8:40

    Un arancione amaro per l'Olanda ed anche per l'Italia......Speriamo di rifarci la prossima volta, bei colori e dettagli Maja++++++