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Wayne Tsipouras

Premium (World), N.S.W.

Opera House

Late at night, the city sleeps.

Circular Quay.
Circular Quay.
Wayne Tsipouras

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  • Stollberger-Bildermacher 29/11/2009 16:43

    Eine schöne Ansicht!

    lg Kai
  • Olaf Jäckel 22/10/2006 13:51

    good night shots!but they would have more if you take them at the blue hour when there's a little light in the sky.....!
  • Pascal Viyer 22/10/2006 11:10

    I read the device of Wim : wow, Wayne, you go and become a PRO !!
    Merci aussi pour ta visite.
    Have a good sunday, mon ami.
  • Hubert Schmid 21/10/2006 20:41

    Super Nachtaufnahme der Opera LG Hubert
  • Wim Denijs 18/10/2006 16:19

    try this once , take a tripod , and make 5 captures , two underexposed ( gradation ) , one normal , as it should be , and two overexposed . Then you put one over the other , and put a mask on , you just keep the best parts . In this way you will have more light in the dark parts , and you can reduce the highlights

  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 17/10/2006 9:50

    lovely veiw of the opera house.
    well done Wayne
    did you use a tripod?
  • H. Hermeter 16/10/2006 22:10

    beeindruckende Kulisse, schöne Nachtaufnahme:-)
    lg hermann
  • Allan Thompson 16/10/2006 21:24

    Excellent moody night capture!!
  • Mi Gia Gio 13/10/2006 12:43

    Hello Wayne,
    nice composition ... only the lights at the right side are a little bit to bright for me.
    Cu - perhaps today in one month!?
    Greetings from Gemany to OZ
    ... still 75 days ...
  • Senta Opitz 03/10/2006 10:50

    It is the first time, I see a picture of this building by night and I like it.
    Greetings from the other sight of the world
  • Vesela Maleeva 03/10/2006 0:20

    It's a great night pic,
  • SePp 30/09/2006 13:49

    very nice! I really want to see this nice building live!
    I am at the moment in new Zealnd. maybe at christmas!

  • Anja Kosubek 30/09/2006 10:21

    Wow! Seems to be very late. Nobody on the street. :-))
    An amazing building. Have unfortunately never been there.

  • Raymond Funke 30/09/2006 8:40

    Wunderfull light, like ghost in the Night!
    I hope to visit it one time.
  • Dorit´s Fotos 27/09/2006 0:05

    Ich wünschte dort zu sein...wunderbarer Ort und tolles Foto.