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Open wide...

...or Susie with scaler.

Next time you are reclined in the dental hygienist’s chair, awaiting the exquisite delights of a good chomper-scaling,
please don’t allow this photo to evoke scary images of Dustin Hoffman and Sir Laurence Olivier in “Marathon Man."

Susie, my hygienist, was not about to say “Is it safe?”

I’m not even sure she’s seen the movie, and I don’t think she is possessed of a sadistic streak, but still, I thought it best not to mention it ;-)

The photo was taken on Kodak BW400CN film in my little late-‘60s vintage Konica C35 through its 38 mm lens,
which on this occasion was viewing the world at very close range indeed through Konica’s Auto-Up lens,
which couples to both camera lens and rangefinder window for precise close focusing down to 19 inches.

I explained to Susie that I was testing the combination for the first time, hence the nature of the composition
concentrating its focus on the implement, and she was most cooperative in holding the scaler very still for the shot.

Both camera and patient got through the experience nicely, even if the hygienist was a bit bemused by her patient's odd pre-exam request ;-)

©2016 Steve Ember

Comments 5

  • s. sabine krause 01/03/2016 18:09

    : )))))) my twisted mind abandons dustin hoffmann and sir laurence olivier to toy with the idea of steve martin – son, be a dentist! – for a while and then moves on to sci-fi horror, robotic tape worms inserted into quivering organic matter… love her heuristic smile ; ) and how the dental thingamajig moves upscale here and turns into an important exhibit! greetings, sabine.
  • sparkling light 01/03/2016 16:26

    A fine impression of what is my daily work as a dentist.
    And I agree with Lucy - true photo passion from you !!
    Cheers, Jost ( a good idea to see "Marathon Man" again.)
  • Lucy Trachsel 29/02/2016 9:42

    That really i s passion! To think of photography in a dentist's chair. :-) Nevertheless you must have been able to concentrate because the result is excellent.
  • Johanna C. 29/02/2016 8:27

    Beautiful shot, well captured