One Step at A Time 4- 4 fini

One Step at A Time 4- 4 fini

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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

One Step at A Time 4- 4 fini

The Grandfather had reached the point of clarity. At this distance I knew everything About him. He was hours or days away from death. He had done everything he could to hang in and complete the journey.

From one step at a time , to one beat of the heat while gently swaying on his grandson's hips like a new born child in a cradle he passed. I could hear a soft song from his lips like a lullaby as if ti send the child within to sleep. It is hard to imagine with all the city noise about, air filled with diesel fumes. Regardless the eyes are fixed seeing into another world of ancestors and childhood friends perhaps playing in the river, rolling a tire down the road with a stick.

In his passing where I stood frozen his skull like face haunting evoked the world of the living and the dead for me., I thought of my parent and friends that one day will reappear in my eyes like in his. I wished him a well journey in his passing and I slowly walked on one step at a time.

The End

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