On Sarakiniko rock

On Sarakiniko rock

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alexander stefanatos

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On Sarakiniko rock

Greece Aegean Sea Cyklades island of Milos
Milos is one of the most interesting Cykladean islands inhabited since 2.500 BC. It has beautiful coasts but it's volcanic historical background created, through the centuries, peculiar geological formations on it's surface that swimmers can enjoy especially when, with a boat, sail along the coasts. One of the most spectacular is the Sarakiniko rock that back in the 50's was a beloved spot of hippies..During the day a lot of swimmers that prefer rocky shores stretch on it's surface but, in the evening, the place, in spite of strong wind blowing, is becoming quite inviting for a stroll and sunset memories...
(Mamiya 645E Ilford 120 6x4,5 negative scanned to digital).

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  • Lauro Benvinda 15/07/2014 19:01

    It's a massive landscape. Those humans there must fell small before such greatness but content to be part of this massive universe of beauty and weird,,.
  • SINA 15/07/2014 12:49

    an impressive stone desert on which the sea breaks with its powerful waves .... archaic acting for me
    the tiny man in nature ...
    Your photos underline the still dear to me Alexander by the way You are editing
    Sun incident over and over again on some of your landscape photos in certain places of nature give the whole conciliatory beauty .... similar

    A book of Slapater over the karst hinterland of Trieste s limit Istria Slovenia has fascinated me ....
    maybe it could you please also fascinate

    though it may parallels are few ... from your point of view .... i dont can say that

    I hope google translator has done his work well

    if not forgive

    Best regards Sina
  • Carlo.Pollaci 14/07/2014 14:06

    Il bianco-nero forte nei contrasti esalta l'aspra bellezza del paesaggio.
    Un caro saluto,
  • s. sabine krause 14/07/2014 9:58

    what a primeval place!! its volcanic history still powerfully shows in the way that giant piece of rock is stretched out in the sea: can effortlessly imagine it in its younger days ; ), as a glowingly hot and fiery river of lava flowing down and being cooled and hardened by the water… and if it were seals rather than people reclining on it, i might make the mistake to indentify it as an arctic rather than aegean location… ; )) another eye-opening image for me, as i hadn't seen pictures of this fascinating island, milos, before! greetings, sabine.
  • Adele Oliver 14/07/2014 2:18

    excellent and an even more spectacular view of this massive rock formation - your pov and the textures and structures in black and white are very impressive !!!
    greetings, Adele
  • LadyNoone 13/07/2014 17:55

    This is indeed perfect series from Cyklades. Views are amazing but the most beautiful is a mixture of rocks, sea and sky in excellent bw.
  • Harold Thompson 13/07/2014 17:51

    The figures give a sense of scale to the terrain. a godo place to explore
    :-)) Harold
  • Lawson McCulloch 13/07/2014 17:33

    I can clearly see why people would want to walk in this amazing looking place.
    best wishes,
  • Tania Skaradek 13/07/2014 13:26

    Amazingly beautiful view! And very interesting info about this place, dear Alexander!
    It is one of the places which everyone would like to see in reality:-)
    Best regards
  • Sue Thompson 13/07/2014 11:56

    It sounds and looks like a great place for people to while away the hours in the sun and sea.
    Very good details.

  • rocco di ciommo 13/07/2014 11:36

    un b&w perfetto di una ripresa magistrale, mi vien voglia di prendermi una mamiya usata
    ciao !