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Daniela Friedrich

Premium (World), Oberglatt

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  • Sergio Pessolano 16/12/2005 12:59

    Excellent pose, framing, POV and lighting. I like also the sharpness and, at the same time, the smoothness. A pity for the overburned background.
  • Ray Steinberg 16/12/2005 8:14

    Hi Daniela,

    It's a fine portrait of the old lady, except for the background. The two people directly behind the lady's head are distracting, and that white fence with the pole in the background, is also distracting...it draws the eye away from the main subject.
    Either you could have moved the lady into another position, or if that was not possible, you should have opened up your lens to the widest aperature, in order to blur out the background.
    As a last resort, you can remove all those distractions either in a darkroom (printing) or thru a good software program.
    Hope this helps.

  • John Bennett 15/12/2005 21:58

    A wonderful cature indeed ++++++
  • Jeremy B 15/12/2005 16:56

    The glazed eyes... the 'hippie' outfit... the trying-to-hide-it smile... I know what's in that pipe.
    Seriously though, it's a very nice portrait and quite well captured. Her expression is timeless.
  • Istvan Stefan 15/12/2005 12:50