Notonecta glauca - chrbtoplavka zltkasta

Notonecta glauca - chrbtoplavka zltkasta

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  • Nik.On 14/07/2011 11:40

  • John R Duckett 06/08/2010 15:05

    Excellent in every respect.
  • nokk 03/08/2010 13:01

    thanks for the reply!
    now understand how the photo was taken:)
    go to my favorites....
    to have good light and images as you wish!
    best regards,
  • Civi 29/07/2010 19:20


    This species live under the water-table. I was taken this one in my frends' garden in the big container with old muddy rain-water. It was very sunny day. That is why these colours and this insect swims afterbody down.
    Thanks for your visit.
  • nokk 28/07/2010 23:21

    a perfect macro! excellent!
    all my appreciation!
    (Do not understand why an image has not received such good feedback)
    best regards,

    back with a question:
    how you photographed it from this angle?
  • Marko König 28/07/2010 18:35

    Great work!