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northumbrian coastline showing dunstanburg castle

northumbrian coastline showing dunstanburg castle

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Kevin Temple

Free Account, alnwick

northumbrian coastline showing dunstanburg castle

coulour to black and white then toned .taken late in the afternoon

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  • Milan Dobrojevic 21/07/2006 2:39

    Extra. Bravo!
  • Julia Kretsch 19/07/2006 14:18

    I'm sorry I don't have much to say... It's your fault: you left me speechless!!! Congratulations!
  • Emi Satou 10/04/2006 16:36

    WOW!! Great!!
  • Aurel Donescu 10/03/2006 10:18

    Lovely shot. I like the foreground view of stones. But I'm not sure about the sky. Is this manipulated in PS?
  • Jannis G. 01/01/2006 13:54

    Amazing shot!
  • Eli Samuel Santa 26/12/2005 19:06

    These feels like something out of a fantasy novel. Mystifying!
    Eli Samuel Santa
  • Michael Blikh 26/12/2005 15:01

    Realy fantastic image! Very nice using of PS. There is very nice sky in the most of your picture. Is it the filter using or also PS? The best regards, wait for new nice pictures!
  • Kevin Temple 23/12/2005 23:06

    I would just like to say to one and all (both positive and negative,thank you for all your comments. .It is because of all you guys that I am the photographer I am today.
  • A Meijer 23/12/2005 13:10

    Dramatic, beautifull pictur!
  • Stu Good 23/12/2005 10:46

    Having just read back my last comment I apologise for hijacking your picture with my rant Kevin.

    Regards, Stu.
  • Stu Good 23/12/2005 10:44

    Congratulations on selection for the gallery.

    @Robert Riley - Despite my contra vote I appreciate we all have different views and besides if you actually take time to read my comment I also said that I liked the image but I feel the effect is a little overdone.

    btw Actually I do know what a dark room is (as I'm sure do Vlad and Ruud) I also know what a pc is as I have worked in IT for almost 20 years. Furthermore my current proficiency with photoshop is such that I could not have produced the effects on this picture but I am still learning.
    However I am still entitled to MY OPINION which is precisely what I voiced with my remark and my vote.
    But then I know what a reasoned debate is and I also know what the right to an opinion is, DO YOU ? (and I mean an opinion which differs from your own btw ;-0 )
  • When 23/12/2005 8:27

    Yeah! I was so hoping it would make gallery. I've tried to do this, but not as successful at it as this one. Congrats.
  • Dennis Veldman 23/12/2005 7:57 Voting comment

    this could have been so much more beatiful with the clouds untouched. it looks as if a rough dry paint brush has drawn streeks over the clouds.
    Sorry Contra although i do like the b&w tones of the stones.

  • Robert Riley 23/12/2005 7:57 Voting comment

    Some people just don't get the plot. Photography is an Art Form, and those who believe its a technical, precise medium are wrong. Have any of you looked at the great Photographers work at all?

    Practically every world famous picture, with the possible exceptions in Photojournalism, have been created in the 'Darkroom'.

    Ruud, Vlad and Stu, Do you know what a darkroom is?

    The Darkroom is now the computer, and the sooner you apppreciate that, the more appreciated your comments may become.

    So, Kevin has made adjustments in his 'Digital' darkroom. So has Ruud, so has Vlad, so have I, so has PG, so has everyone except Brad. So what?

    Recognise the art and the technique for taking this shot. Despite Ruud, Vlad and Stu, it will make the gallery. PRO+++++++
  • Dominic Falcone 23/12/2005 7:57 Voting comment



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