No more traveling for a while

No more traveling for a while

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Marit Hansson

Free Account, Lund

No more traveling for a while

I certainly had not planned on staying away from FC for so long this summer, but for the first time in over ten years I have had a car at my disposal this summer, and I have made good use of it, rediscovering my home county here in the south of Sweden. The sense of freedom has been amazing!
I haven't been home that much, and the computer has basically only been turned on to pay the bills. I do tend to develop an allergic reaction to all thing computery around vacation time each year. God knows I spend enough time in front of it the rest of the year. The downside is it keeps me away from this place. Well, now the vacation time is well and truly over and I'm back at work (in front of the computer), and I'm glad to be back at FC.

Thank you to all who have commented on my pictures while I was gone - much appreciated!

This is St Olof's church - a pilgrimage church built on the site of a holy well in the east of Skåne.

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