Newcastle upon Tyne #1 Central Arcade

Newcastle upon Tyne #1 Central Arcade

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Berthold Klammer

Premium (World), near Aachen

Newcastle upon Tyne #1 Central Arcade

Recently I had to fly to Newcastle upon Tyne to settle some things. Having not much time I could capture a few snapshots on the fly. As I will have to return a couple of times in future I hope to have more time then. Here the interior of the Central Arcade originally built in 1837 by R. Grainger as a corn market. After several other usages and after the fire of 1901 it was reopened 1906 in this form as the Central Arcade. The righthand windows belong to J.G.Windows selling music interments since 1908.

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  • Glenn Capers 15/02/2016 5:48

    It takes an artist to understand the simplicity of a single visual thought. Well done as I revise an incorrect prior opinion. What fun. That is what art should do . Give us one reaction ad then bring us al back to see a better path.
  • Carlos García Jiménez 13/02/2016 23:32

    Hello Berthold

    What if you had the time enough:) I spent a couple of years at Hull, close to London, I've seen this and is almost the same, Lucky you having at hand J.G. Windows store, still in the state of art producing acoustic instruments, a perfect shot..

  • Adele D. Oliver 13/02/2016 22:36

    a very elegant mall - splendid architecture and detailed tiles .... well chosen perspective and depth, the flute player an added eye catcher !!!
    warm regards,


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Camera X-T10
Lens Touit 2.8/12
Aperture 10
Exposure time 1/125
Focus length 12.0 mm
ISO 5000

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