Neamt Monastery

Neamt Monastery

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Free Account, Bucharest

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  • RUBOBOSTES 30/12/2011 21:16

    Hi..."PDP". Or should I say "Salut"? :)
    You're right, that photography is processed in HDR. In fact, it was just a "game". I was curious about HDR. Thank you for your greeting.

  • RUBOBOSTES 30/12/2011 20:13

    There are many places to see. But you need time to see all of them. :)

  • RUBOBOSTES 30/12/2011 19:16

    Dear Mr. Rainer, there are many things to see in Romania. Many things that you probably do not know. You're welcome and if you wish, I can be your guide. FREE. Why? Because both of us we share the same passion for photography. Greetings from Romania!
  • RUBOBOSTES 30/12/2011 18:29

    Thank you very much, Mr. Thomas!
  • RUBOBOSTES 30/12/2011 18:28

    Dear Mr. Reiner,

    I already have that picture in b/w and sepia, but unfortunately I can only post after January 6, 2012.

    Best regards!
  • Thomas Alm 30/12/2011 18:10

    Der dunkle Himmel gibt der Aufnahme eine schöne Dramatik ...