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Names on a wall....

Names on a wall....

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Wayne Tsipouras

Premium (World), N.S.W.

Names on a wall....

More than Names on a wall,
In Memory:
John Simpson Kirkpatrick.
3rd Field Amb. Australian Army Medical Corps.
"Bravest of the Brave"

May the world we leave our children be
the one you wished for us.

Lest we Forget.

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  • Simone L. 07/10/2007 11:24

    keiner dieser Namen darf je vergessen werden !
    vg Simone
  • Walther und Moritz Ka 04/11/2006 19:01

    Jeder Name ein Schicksal. S T O P W A R !!! Aber auch im Kleinen ! ich meine den Krieg mit den Nächsten. Wenn wir sterben, müssen wir mit dem, was war, irgendwie klarkommen. Ich hoffe, die konnten das und ich hoffe, ich werde das können. Gott helfe mir!
  • Wayne Tsipouras 16/01/2006 23:17

    How about some photos Ray?
    Vietnam Wall not so well known here.
  • Ray Steinberg 16/01/2006 6:54

    Walls with names of those that died in wars can have a very powerful impact on people.
    The most famous of these walls in the United States, is in Washington D.C. The Vietnam Wall.
    It lists the names of over 58,000 soldiers that died in Vietnam, on black polished granite, that reflects back the images of people who visit it.
    I've seen hardened soldiers break down and start crying when they visit that wall.

  • Seagaul 19/11/2005 13:13

    I don´t know about the Foto, but I think it is important not to forget.
  • Robert L. Roux 18/11/2005 2:59

    Well said -
    a fine reminder ...
    Regards - R