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Mystery Email

Greetings everyone. I'm in need of some expert help or maybe being directed to where I can get some help with a photograph. My girlfriend sent me a photo of herself (digital) and in the background of I noticed what looked like an printed out email in the garbage. I've tried to enlarge the part of the photo in order to read what is on the paper but I have failed in my attempts. I was hoping someone here could enhance the part of the photo (attached) and tell me what is on the paper. Or maybe suggest a software program that could do this for me. Thanks in advance for everyone’s help.


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  • Dirk Hofmann 23/03/2005 5:06

    no prob! the e-mail says:

    "hi george ... i sent you my photo and you disappoint me by not looking at me but at the trash-bin in the background ... PLEASE LOOK AT ME!"

    ok ... serious now:

    your image is way to small to enhance it the way you want ... i couldn't do it and i would wonder if somebody could ...

    why don't you just ask her about the mail?


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