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Mystery Chimney Window ?

Mystery Chimney Window ?

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Jimmy Brown

Free Member, Petrolia, Ontario

Mystery Chimney Window ?

The Fairbanks mansion, in the old Victorian oil town of Petrolia, Ontario,Canada,has a wonderful chimney that ( as the photo will reveal ) incorporates a mysterious window. For what reason, I do not know ?

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  • Csaba Masznyik 04/03/2007 21:18

    I am sorry for my english... I have no problem with simple things, but if I should explain something about the "curves" of a chimney...
    Glad to give a possible solution.
    Really beautiful house with lovely details!
  • Jimmy Brown 04/03/2007 18:14

    Hey casaba, I believe you are correct. I just didn't understand your previous explanation! Makes sense. This once was a magnificent oil baron's home , sadly mostly now in ruin. Thanks jimmy
  • Csaba Masznyik 04/03/2007 18:04

    Perhaps it is a garrett window, to have light in the loft/garrett.
    By the photo I can not see, is there any other lighting window on the roof?
    I do not think it is for cleaning the chimneys, 'couse it is much easy from inside the loft.

    I am almost sure, that it is a tiny garrett window, positioned perfectly between two chimneys, designed by a talented architect (like me :-), who made a facade-element of a need.
    Or not :-)
  • Jimmy Brown 04/03/2007 15:39

    Hi Csaba, not quite sure what this window is for ( I could not imagine a room behind it !!! ) It would have to be 3 ft by 3ft. !!! Any other suggestions out there ,as to why this chimney would having a wood and glass window built into it !!! - jimmy
  • Csaba Masznyik 04/03/2007 15:15

    I dont want to be wiseguy, but the two chimneys are passing by and folded above the opening (window). If someone is working between them, would not suffer anything :-)
    Old chimneys are rarely straight lines...
  • Jimmy Brown 03/03/2007 2:21

    Hey John, thanks again, I also thought perhaps the window was a place to clean part of the chimney. Except this window appears to be wood with glass, which I am thinking would be a fire hazard! Perhaps there are others out there who have seen such a odd window in a chimney!! - jimmy
  • John Holmes 03/03/2007 1:06

    well seen. nice image work. the doors may be for cleaning the chimney so there are no fires there. jh
  • Jimmy Brown 24/02/2007 15:45

    Hey William, thanks so much for the nice comment. I viewed your captures and especially like the photo " Why? "
  • Daniel Gordon ( William Price ) 24/02/2007 15:22

    good angle..i like the perspective
    kind regards