My youthful Past!

My youthful Past!

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Nikolaus Benz

Premium (Pro), Gengenbach, Germany and

My youthful Past!

Bike cost new in October 1954 = £198
Taken with my first Box Camera!

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  • klein-olli 08/03/2007 10:39

    A wonderful picture of your old "love"! No matter whether BMW, Harley or NSU, the love to the freedom is there always! I have already screwed as a child in old Harley Baujahr 1918. And today I love to blather it with 100 horse power through the land. Thank you for your remark! Nice greetings! olli
  • Robert L. Roux 07/03/2007 11:30

    wow -
    if only that scooter were parked in my driveway
    in my golden years ...
    along with a manx norton ;-))
    greetings from across the pond - robert


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