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My silent world (without them)

My silent world (without them)

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Maja Posthumus

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  • Maja Posthumus 19/06/2006 15:28

    Thanks for your comment, Neil. Very much appreciated!
    I simply love your 'reading' of my picture: a planet that needs aid! I hadn't thought of that.
    The name on the hearing aids is indeed: Gaia.
    And I thought that VERY suitable, because Gaia is
    the goddess of Earth.
    Kind regards,
  • Neil Auty 17/06/2006 10:12

    I came across this pic whilst skipping through the contest tab. I like this image a lot, it is a simple, monochrome statement of a planet that needs aid. You could indeed read a lot more into it if you wanted. IThe map fascinated me too, with its sparseness of cities and most large deserts named, I stopped to look closely at it. The name on the hearing aids also caught my eye. It looks like 'gaia' thought it may be 'gala'. As I say, I just like this image a lot.

    Neil A