My Plot  My Kingdom

My Plot My Kingdom

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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City

My Plot My Kingdom

On the make shift porch a couple waits for cooler weather and the night and what ever business is planned to get a head in life. The moods swings in a camp are unreal. Within minutes one can exhibit warmth to anger. In this camp the electric feeling of not knowing what was next was a confrontation about to hit with the law.

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  • Cobrak 20/09/2013 10:41

    Images toujours fortes, images qui dérangent..
    J'admire ton travail même si c'est tout ce que je déteste... sei bravissimo
  • Lene Thomsen 28/06/2013 0:33

    Uh - this is so good - the hope is missing in her life - what is she thinking !!

  • Janet Morgan 25/06/2013 13:18

    Another very expressive shot, Glenn. The woman looks in despair or resigned to what life has dealt her or is it both. I feel the man doesn't want anyone to see how their lives have not bore fruitfulness. Excellent photography , Glenn, as always.
  • mohane 24/06/2013 19:30

    strong picture, very expressive... I like it!!
  • Del-Hor 24/06/2013 13:11

    One minute they are warm and happy, and the next minute they want to kill you for some stupid reason...
    We can´t trust...
    Great photo once more.
    Best regards. DH
  • Heidi Roloff 24/06/2013 13:00

    I would have been afraid of this man. He does'nt look very kindly. Did you survive healthy this pic ?
    By the way, it's a very good one.
    Greetings from Heidi
  • Tania Skaradek 24/06/2013 9:53

    The man is looking almost as a King ...
    The woman - as a Grieving Angel on the headstone...
    Tough in its truthfulness!
    Great work!