My other passion

My other passion

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My other passion

The music is Villa-Lobos, 1 Mazurka Choro. For when I need a little inspiration

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  • Eamon Lynch 26/11/2005 14:32

    Hey John I never knew... Strum a bit myself have a fender acustic "Left Hand" by the way thats a very nice Spanish job you have there.. love the Detail of the Head
  • Tony (Anthony) Rowell 08/11/2005 12:33

    Thank you John for the l;akes comments,the shots was taken over six years ago i have not been there since has i had a stroke which stopped me from walking to far,i like the music shot,i use to play sax and clarinet as it was my passion as well,but my hand was affected through the stroke as wenn,i am writing this with my left finger,i notice you have some nice music up on the stand,i use to love playing Bach music on my clarinet as i found his music very good for sight reading practice becuase of all the accidental sharps and flats you often get on his music! ! thank for looking.Tony.
  • Nyo Pu 04/11/2005 9:30

    It's my favorite too, picture as well as guitar.
  • Robert L. Roux 29/10/2005 6:49

    Hey, that's a classical guitar and classical music -
    but I'm kinda old for that stuff now -
    I like the Beatles ... :-)
    If you can keep a secret, I have an accoustic guitar, too ...
    Greetings, Buddy
  • Charles van riper 27/10/2005 15:58

    very nice shot john. i've been a pro musician, teacher, artist for 40 years. i've been playing alot of guitar lately. what kind of music do you play? --------Chuck
  • John Barnett 23/10/2005 5:16

    A guitar & mandolin player myself - I immediately connected with this image. Wonderfully done!
  • John Holmes 23/10/2005 3:28

    nice inspiration and still life. ( thanks for the comments; we'd been travelling extensively this summer. it took time to get the editting done.). jh
  • ZeZe I. 22/10/2005 1:36

    What a wonderful Guitar ,,,
  • JVision 21/10/2005 19:58

    Very beautiful composition.
  • When 21/10/2005 2:51

    Great looking guitar.
  • Cees Kuijs 20/10/2005 17:11

    I`m not musical at all, but I respect those who does.
    Nice picture, John. Keep practising, both.
    Greetings, Cees
  • Buck Wicker 20/10/2005 12:58

    One of my passions too. I love the shot. I like the outdoor setting.
  • Karin D. Ludwig 20/10/2005 7:25

    Aw, - sing me a song sweet music man... :-)
    I used to play the violin in my younger days, sometimes I'm wondering if I'd be still able to worm a tune out of one. Lovely shot John!
  • Detomaso 20/10/2005 5:38

    Your Spanish guitar got a very beautyful head!
    FG Thomas
  • † Nana Ellen 20/10/2005 3:25

    Sorry I am not very good in music reading but a Mazurka will be difficult ro play I am sure. I love to listen to spanish classical guitar music. There was this man
    Andre Segovia (unfortunately dead now), he played so
    beautiful and I have six CDs of his music. Lovely hobby you have (I have two guitars and a lovely organ but I never had time to learn to play) Tonight I went with friends for a 4 course meal and a piano bar afterwards,
    The pianist was Dutch and sang in English, keyboard and guitar together, sounded great and his voice a bit like Chris Rea. We all enjoyed it. Kind regards still from Gran Canary Nana-Ellen