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my lover turns to stone

my lover turns to stone

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my lover turns to stone

A __ Song for A Marble Faunlet

Coldness is all yours,

While pains are all mine.

My blood were shed twice,

For a marble faunlet.

I hope it wasn’t my dream

That his eyelash quivered,

His body soft and warm,

Hands to me he offered.

He carried me on his back,

My arms around his neck.

We ate grapes on the clouds,

Spit seeds on people’s heads.

Yet adventure wasn’t forever,

We both had a fever.

Chilly dead now he is,

Since the winter has come.

His face covered with ice,

Eyes are grey and faraway.

Sagittarius he was,

Old arrows are now stray.

Dear, stop fussing with tears,

Or trembled making a pray.

Same curse crawled on your toes

That all things pass away.

Soon it’ll reach your lips

Before you could say Nay.

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