...my future photographer.

...my future photographer.

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...my future photographer.

different version,...

I hope I may inspire him to appreciate such gift,..and then he can continue through his journey with the ability to see his world through the lens,...

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Petra Sommerlad, yesterday at 22:33h
I guess if you just give him the time to get rid of his diapers first...he will do it. LGPEtra

Jaime Crystal Maksoud, yesterday at 23:44h
my little boy never touches my camera, OOHHH yuk sticky fingers ! on lenses !
great shot, lets hope thats what he wants to be, he might want to be an accountant !

Visiones de vida., today at 2:21h
..thats why I use filters ( even just a UV filter so sticky fingers or anything else does not affect them. )


..lets breath and enjoy the moment.

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