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My favorite flowers!

My favorite flowers!

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My favorite flowers!

Nikon FE 50mm f8. Kodak Panatomic 32 asa. ND filter.

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  • Dirk Hofmann 01/12/2005 8:48

    there are no mistakes .... :-)

    there are only hints which might open our sight for other ideas!

  • Jose Mario Simao Macedo 30/11/2005 20:45

    Dirk, sorry for such a late reply but, yes you´re darn right...
    I goofed-up while cutting this picture. Actually I scanned it from a 24 x 18cm print and then reduced the size of the scan to 800 x 600, or so.
    But you´re right about cutting. My mistake.
    Living & learning.
    Thanks Dirk
    My daily chore!
    My daily chore!
    Jose Mario Simao Macedo
  • Dirk Hofmann 28/11/2005 12:14

    nice memory ... i like the look in the babys face ... :-)

    you could improve the quality a little bit by cuting and retouching ...