My Beautiful Daughter

My Beautiful Daughter

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Robin Smith

Free Account, Indianapolis

My Beautiful Daughter

May God always watch over her.

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  • Robin Smith 15/11/2004 3:08

    Thanks so very much for all the kind compliments. She was scared.:) She married a Marine who will have to leave for Irac in Jan .
  • Regs Ray 09/11/2004 14:19

    congratulations on her wedding!
    and you, guys, up:
    scared is good - keeps you in shape!
  • Amigo Zomtec 08/11/2004 20:16's the biggest most important step in life.....hope they stay happy fpr a long long time...kind regards amigo...

    ...when can we seee the husband.....
    "your son in law ;-)"
  • John Holmes 08/11/2004 18:56

    She is beautiful, well captured but her expression says "...I'm scared."


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