Music is our life

Music is our life

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Zsolt Trencsényi

Free Account, Prague

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  • Zsolt Trencsényi 09/05/2005 0:19

    Roberto: Thanks. Beszelek csehul is.
  • Roberto Grilli 08/05/2005 23:48

    Very good "social" photo.
    Zsolt, beszelsz csehul is?
  • Marta Azevedo 17/12/2004 17:55

    great capture. Are they gipsies???
  • Zsolt Trencsényi 24/11/2004 23:26

    Elaine, thanks for your comment! I took this picture in the Old Town of Rhodes, not in Prague. But you are right, Prague is beautiful. If I just had that much time for photography I'd like to have... then I could show you more :)
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 24/11/2004 21:12

    you are so lucky to be living in one of the most picturesque cities in the world. This is very stunning, and Im sure you cant walk out of the house without your camera.
    Really glad to see you here.
  • John Holmes 23/11/2004 3:05

    compelling shot. good luck to them. jh
  • Snjezana Josipovic 22/11/2004 21:46

    excellent photo
  • FERRY TENTUA 22/11/2004 21:44

    *** Hi Zsolt,
    Very good image, its a pity that these children lives in such a bad condition, but its reality!
  • Irina No 22/11/2004 21:26

    great foto!
    but its so sad to see these nice children on the street... what a shit life (( sorry
  • Zsolt Trencsényi 22/11/2004 21:08

    Thanks, yes, they are. They were really nice kids, a bit shy but became comfortable with the photographer and his camera after a short while.
  • Regina Ray 22/11/2004 21:05

    hey, that's very good
    are they gipsies
  • Zsolt Trencsényi 22/11/2004 20:58

    Szia Csaba, orulok, hogy ismet beneztel. A beszoritasnak az az oka, hogy egy tagabb kivagassal csokkent volna a karakterek hangsulya. 300D-vel keszult.
  • Csaba Varga 22/11/2004 20:55

    Nagyon szép.... nem biztos, hogy én ennyire "beszorítottam" volna öket...
    Tekintetek, tónusok nagyon rendben vannak.... gratula!!!
    Nem tudom eldönteni, hogy analóg-e vagy nem...
    sok ilyet még!