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  • Neil Auty 30/10/2006 13:48

    Did these beauties look yellow orange in natural light. I have found fungi to be very receptive to flash, and the caps of these particularly change from red to orage and yellow if overflashed.

    Neil A
  • Marc Thys 18/09/2006 8:00

    Perfect,great shot.
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 12/09/2006 16:42

    Special ones those mushroom are...!
    The frame is a little bit...would be better not to use orange color for the sake of not to distract the central image part of the photograph...
  • Luc Grollie 11/09/2006 21:45

    very nice family you have here, if it were horizontal from a lower angle it would give a very different view.....