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Mr Blue Eye

This Huskey reminded me of the New Order song... baby's got blue eyes, baby's got grey eyes...
As you can see, he was giving me the eye ;-)

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  • Eleniel Amarië 11/01/2009 13:45

    If both eyes were blue, maybe! Got blue eyes myself, I don't want to say I'd look honest...
  • traumtanzer 10/01/2009 20:30

    People with these kind of blue eyes always look so... honest ?
  • Eleniel Amarië 08/01/2009 17:09

    I always get confused if I see dogs with two-coloured eyes. I once saw a person with two-coloured eyes... that was scary.
    (No, not contact lenses. REAL eye-colours.)
  • Camilla Antonsen 29/12/2008 1:05

    So beautiful. The eyes was so special, but beautiful. The eyes remainds me about a horse I ride. Well done enyway, great colours.

    Wish you and your family a happy new year!
    Best wishes, Camilla.